Our Leos Stories

We love our Leos and we love to share stories about them!

      Leo owners can talk for hours about their canine companions! The following are stories about the funny and silly things that our Leos do!

If you are a member of the Leonberger Club of Canada and your Leo does some silly things, we would love to share a story about your Leo. Maybe your Leo has a special talent like sleeping on the kitchen table, or chasing the neighborhood squirrel, doing agility in a less than speedy manner, or maybe talking for a treat. If you would like to share that talent just email us a concise story.

Don’t forget to include a picture or two – we will post it here! We hope to fill this page with lots of Leo laughs and will update this page often!


Our leos..

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for more details)
Cindy and hounds_4 copysm
Stella’s Favorite Sleeping Spot!
Tango & the Swan
Starting over as a Breeder of Leonbergers 
Boating and on the Farm
Living with Leos!
Do they SHED?
 Ms. Nells does Agility!!!!
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