LCC National Specialty 2015 Results

Leonberger club of Canada, 2nd Specialty June 7th   2015, Erie shores kennel club, Caledonia, Ontario.

I would like to thank all the hard working members of Specialty team, Job well done!

The day started with the Sweepstakes we had 9 entries. The judge was Jarka Smrhova from The Czech Republic, and a special thank you to Jaja who served as the interrupter, I do believe this was the first time the ring steward had experienced this but he was good sport and seemed to enjoy working with them. He asked these waiting to come into the ring to pay attention as the judge did not work in the conventional method we are used too. Jarka asked each of entrants to first walk the dog, then about half way around move them a little faster, she then went over them and then she had them up and back and crouched down to be at eye level with them as they move away and came back to her. I do believe Jarka hugged every dog, it was a really good atmosphere everyone.

1st Jr puppy dog  was CR Qyser von Dovercourt,                 owner Gaye Sihin

1st Sr puppy dog was Norlil’s Hercules of Orovale        owner Bruce MacSpurren

1st Jr puppy bitch was Dijon Petit Pois de Valdelaguilla owner Mary Davidson

1st Sr puppy bitch was CR Pura Vida                               owner Cindy Hunt

1st 12-15 mth bitch was Quebeleo Irresistible Mahale     owner Nathalie Dame

Best in Sweepstakes CR Pura Vida

Best of Opposite       CR Qyser Von Dovencourt

Veteran Sweepstakes

1st 7-9 veteran bitch AM/Can CH Orovale’s Endless Rhapsody owners Karen Heard & Glenna Stephens

Best Veteran AM/Can CH Orovale’s Endless Rhapsody

The Specialty was next with judge Dr. Johan Becerra a very nice man who thanked me for asking him to judge our specialty; he said it was an honor.

Thank you Sonya for wrapping all the prizes, they were lovely we had a full table of red packages with white ribbons with paw prints. The trophies were done by Diane Albin & Jeff Sproule, they even took the time to come ring side as we were starting the specialty to make sure everything was OK.

1st Jr puppy dog 915 CR Qyser von Dovercourt,   owner Gaye Sihin Breeder Cindy Hunt

1st Sr puppy dog 097 Norlil’s Hercules of Orovale   owner Bruce MacSpurren breeder Glenna Stephens & Karen Heard

1st Canadian bred 091 Norlil’s Gabriel of Orovale, Owner Gerald Fisher & Anna-Rae Fishman breeder Glenna Stephens & Karen Heard

1st Open dog 033 Redwood Trail Bourbon Joe owner Michele Cohen breeder Sandra Pearall

Winners Dog 033

Reserve Winners Dog   755 Bevard’s My Irish Brogue owner Mary Monahan breeder Beverley A. & Arden D.Wright

7-9 yr Veteran dog

1st 945 Ch. Golden Phoenix Hit the Road owner Janet & Alex Hanson Klebnikoff breeder Lois A. Warden

1st Jr puppy bitch 348 Dijon Petit Pois de Valdelaguilla owner Mary Davidson breeder Juana Sanchez Fernandez

1st Sr puppy bitch 406 Evangelina Vom Welland owner Cindy Hunt breeder Sabine Klippel

1st 12-15 mth bitch 156 Quebeleo Irresistible Mahale owner/ Breeder Nathalie Dame

1st Bred by Exhibitor bitch 404 CR Pura Vida owner/breeder Cindy Hunt

1st open bitch Starhavens One Moment in Time owner Melissa W. Zecher breeder Agi & Sandor Hejja

Winners Bitch 596

Reserve Winners Bitch 348

7-9 Veteran bitch

1st 132 Am/Can Ch. Orovale’s Endless Rhapsody owner Glenna Stephens & Karen Heard breeder Gail Bishop

BOB 033 BOS 596 BW 033 BP 348 Best Canadian Bred in Breed 91 Best Bred By in breed 404

Best Veteran 945

Select dog 369 Ch. Altair Vom Welland Owner Cindy Hunt Breeder Sabine Klippel

Select bitch 266 Ch. Prairsongs Celtic Lioness owner Mike Crawford & Adrienne Mercer

Sexually Altered Male

1st 913 Ch. Kumnc Myles of Birch Bark RE CD DD CGN owner Sonya Birch Breeder June Ward

BOBA 913

Myles and Sonya also received a plague for earning the most titles 7 CKC titles plus being a certified St. John’s therapy dog, American Draft dog, barn hunt, herding,

The day was topped off by having Jarka evaluate adults and youths, with a written critique in the Sieger show.

Best Male was Forest ( Heronviews Hercules CGN ) owner Anna-Marie Kristensen breeder Lori Dzingala

Best female was Willow ( Bobev’s Wilhelmina Dappelt Liebeliebe ) owner Mary Goodling & Bev Travis breeder Bev Travis & Robert Lidsky

Best Youth was Magneto ( Bludrift Champagne Magnum ) owner Morgan Avila & Luanne Moede breeder Luanne Moede

Best in Sieger went to Willow.

Best Veteran Darcy ( Ch. Golden Phoenix Hit the Road) owner Janet & Alex Hanson Klebnikoff breeder Lois A. Warden

There are rumors of this becoming an annual event, We will keep you posted.

Submitted by June Ward, President of the leonberger club of Canada

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